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Our streamlined solution optimizes workflows for companies in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and ground infrastructure. Tailored to fit businesses of any size, it offers unique prototyping capabilities, allowing easy design and testing of workflows with or without augmented reality. Visualizing and testing procedures before implementation enhances operations. Our versatile solution covers inspection, repair, maintenance, and training, reducing errors, ensuring process adherence, and improving staff training effectiveness.


Our solution can be used to assist service technicians during inspections by providing them with real-time information and guidance overlaid on their physical environment. This can include things like instructions for repair tasks, diagrams or schematics of the equipment being serviced. This can help technicians to more quickly and accurately diagnose problems, and can also improve safety by providing them with important information without the need to look away from the task at hand. This can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service inspections, leading to faster and more accurate repairs, and lower costs.

Example use case swissgrid

Use Case: Swissgrid

The Swissgrid substation in Mettlen was selected for the pilot project. This substation offered the best conditions because several digitization projects had already been carried out there, on which this pilot project could be based. Rimon converted the 3D model of the substation, integrated it into the AR glasses and translated the checklist of the monthly inspections into a temporal and spatial inspection process.

The application was tested for acceptance and usefulness in two walk-throughs. The service providers were involved in this process because they know the needs and the potential for optimization in the previous process. «Thanks to the feedback from the service providers, we were able to further optimize the user guidance of the application and present a process that maps both the current checklist and the real process of the monthly inspection.

Someone using our AR solution

This combination was well received by the service providers and the added value for their work was directly perceived,» says Kordian Caplazi, co-founder of Rimon Technologies GmbH. The final product is something to behold. Our AR application guides the user through 300 digital checkpoints, which are displayed through so-called areas of interest and points of interest in space by overlaying the real world with the virtual 3D model and supported with targeted information such as images, videos and animated 3D models. Read the whole article


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