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Introducing Your
Knowledge Suite

At the core of our solution lies the Knowledge Suite, a dynamic duo of components working to empower your organization with efficient instruction and workflow management. 

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Hub preview

rimon Hub -
Your Central Command Center

The rimon Hub serves as the central cockpit, tailored for knowledge owners and department heads. It's the control center where you create and disseminate instructions and workflows effortlessly.

Create Static Instructions:

You have the power to create detailed and user-friendly guides that leave no room for ambiguity. Craft step-by-step manuals that guide your workforce through intricate processes with precision. You can include rich media elements such as images and videos to enhance understanding. Whether it's training new team members or ensuring consistent procedures, Static Instructions make complex tasks manageable.

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Provide Spatial Guidance:

In certain scenarios, knowing precisely where and how to perform a task is critical. Spatial Guidance takes your instructions to the next level by providing location-specific, real-world guidance.  Craft spatial guidance with ease using our simple 3D editor. It puts the power of creating immersive experiences right at your fingertips.

AI powered
knowhow sharing


Easy sharing of existing and future know through a one-click document upload. 

rimon Go - Your On the Go Solution

Designed for serivce technicians and engineers, rimon Go is your trusty companion. This application offers seamless, on-the-go access to instructions and workflows created within the rimon Hub. It empowers your workforce to retrieve information whenever they need it, streamlining tasks, boosting productivity, and minimizing errors.

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Digital Expert -
Ask questions on
the go 

Say goodbye to lengthy searches for the right answer! Our chat based digital expert allows you to ask any question on the go. It provides instant explanations and creates dinamic instruction based on the source of the uploaded data, ensuring your team always has the answers they need at their fingertips.

Multi-Device Support:

Whether you're using your smartphone or an Augmented Reality glass like the Hololens 2, you can choose the device that suits your needs for a more immersive way of working.


How our product suite works

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