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rimon Hub: Create your first workflow

Let’s create together your first spacial workflow!

Initiate Your Workflow:

Begin by clicking on "Create New Workflow" to embark on the journey of crafting your spatial workflow.

Create steps:

Inside the editor, select "Create Step." Populate your workflow with as many steps as necessary to achieve your desired workflow.

Fill in step content:

For each step, provide a clear title and accompanying text to guide users through the workflow seamlessly.

Add picture, video or audio:

Enhance your steps by incorporating multimedia elements. Add relevant pictures, videos, or audio to enrich the user experience.

Add 3D model:

Click on "Add 3D Model" and choose a model of your preference. Experience the model in the interactive 3D viewer that pops up.

Navigate in 3D:

Utilize the 3D viewer to explore your added models. Navigate effortlessly using your mouse.

QR Code Placement:

After integrating your 3D object, it's crucial to add a QR code. This QR code plays a pivotal role in orienting the application. Ensure the same QR code is physically placed on the corresponding real-world object for seamless alignment

 Position QR scan step:

Once the QR code is placed, a QR Scan step is automatically generated. Position this step before the appearance of your 3D model to synchronize with the virtual environment.


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