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Empowering technical fields: Tackling common industry challenges

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology and industry, staying ahead means equipping your workforce with the right tools. At rimon Technologies, we understand the industry challenges faced by companies grappling with a global talent deficit and incomplete task execution. That's why we've crafted – the rimon Knowledge Suite – to transform the way you manage knowledge and workflows.

The Challenge of Incomplete Task Execution

Up to 50% of onsite jobs can hit a roadblock due to missing information, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Our rimon Knowledge Suite which is tailored for service technicians in mechanical engineering, asset-intensive industries, and services, provides constant, customized instructions based on existing data. Beyond just fixing problems, it becomes a force for eradicating service delays.

Global Talent Deficit and Knowledge Loss

The retirement of skilled experts poses a significant challenge, as valuable knowledge walks out the door. rimon Go, serves as your on-the-go expert, offering instant access to instructions and workflows. This not only minimizes errors but also bridges the knowledge gap, ensuring that expertise is always at your team's fingertips.

Lack of Real-World Guidance

Certain tasks demand precision in location-specific execution. rimon Hub's Spatial Guidance feature elevates your instructions by providing real-world guidance. With a simple 3D editor in the rimon Hub, you can create immersive experiences, ensuring tasks are performed accurately in the field, minimizing errors, and boosting efficiency.

Lengthy Searches for Answers

Long searches for answers are a thing of the past with rimon Go's chat-based Digital Expert. Now, your team can ask questions on the go, receiving instant explanations and dynamic instructions based on uploaded data sources. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a streamlined workflow.

Device Compatibility

Work doesn't happen at a desk alone. rimon Go understands this, offering multi-device support. Whether it's a smartphone or an AR glass like the Hololens 2, you choose the device that suits your needs, creating a more immersive and efficient way of working.

Embrace the Future with rimon Technologies

rimon Technologies is not just addressing industry challenges; we're transforming the way organizations manage knowledge, workflows, and expertise. With a vision to foster a future where anyone can excel in any technical field, our Knowledge Suite is at the forefront of this revolution.


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